Awards 2020

In 2020, Filmfest Bremen awards prizes amount to a total of more than 6.500 EUR.

International Competition Humor/Satire

  • Jury award: Best feature-length film (over 35 minutes), 2,500 EUR
    Jury award: Best shortfilm (under 35 minutes), 1,000 EUR

Other Awards

  • Jury award: international innovation award: The winner will be decided by a panel of experts. The award honours the best/most creative use of new/unusual narrative techniques and/or technical/visual innovations in film, 1,000 EUR
  • Jury award: Best Film Literature, 500 EUR
  • Audience-prize: Best Film Music, 500 EUR
  • Audience-prize: Best Film Bremen, 1,000 EUR
  • Jury and audience award plus honourable mention in the 48-hour short film competition Klappe!

Rules & Terms

Submit now via FilmFreeway

The entry fees for submissions is 4$. Films must be submitted via the festival servers, which will issue an electronic confirmation once a film has been successfully submitted. The Filmfest Bremen can pay no screening fee in case the submitted film will be selected for the programme. 

Submissions must meet the following criteria: 
− Year of production: 2018/2019/2020 
− Screening formats: DCP (Digital Cinema Package), 35mm (exceptions can be made for specific web productions among other things) 
− Please provide English subtitles in any case 

Deadline for submission: 31st of May 2020 

Only complete online submissions via the festival servers FilmFreeway will be accepted. In addition to the film, two film stills (min. 300Dpi), a short synopsis, a picture and a short biography of the director, which may be used for the festival programme as well as for press releases related to the Filmfest Bremen, have to be provided. 


A committee watches all submissions at private screenings and selects the films for the programme. All submissions are watched by at least two independent members of the committee. There is no legal claim to participate in the festival. 


Every submitter will receive a positive or negative reply via email at the beginning of August 2020. We kindly ask you not to inquire in written form or by phone. Every submitter is obligated to provide the Filmfest Bremen with a screening copy, should their film be chosen for the programme. The screening copy has to reach the festival by End of August 2020. Every screening copy must be subtitled in English.


With the submission to the festival, the holder(s) of the rights for the submitted film automatically give permission for (a) public screening(s) of their film at the Filmfest Bremen. Furthermore, they grant the Filmfest Bremen the right to use film stills, the film trailer and short excerpts of the film free of charge for promotional purposes in regards to the Filmfest Bremen. 


The costs of sending the screening copy to the Filmfest Bremen must be covered by the sender. The costs of returning the screening are covered by the Filmfest Bremen.

Awards and Winners 2019

FILMFEST BREMEN awarded prizes with a total worth of 10.000 Euro as well as the amount of 3.000 Euro in the short film competition KLAPPE! in 2019. These are the winners:


The Main Prize of Filmfest Bremen
The amount of 5.000 Euro for the FILMFEST’s main prize went to Caroline Link for her outstanding achievements in the category ‘Humor and Satire’.


Best Film Humor/Satire, Feature Length
Directed by: Hajooj Kuka
Jury prize, endowed with 2.000 Euro, presented by AWO Bremen


Best Film Humor/Satire, Short Film
Directed by: Nele Dehnenkamp
Jury prize, endowed with 500 Euro, presented by AWO Bremen


Best Film Innovation
Directed by: Jonas Spriestersbach
Jury prize, endowed with 1.000 Euro, presented by Bremische Landesmedienanstalt


Best Film Bremen
Directed by: Christine Jezior
Audience choice award, endowed with 1.000 Euro, presented by DIE SPARKASSE BREMEN


Best Musical Film
Directed by: Jordan Albertsen
Audience choice award, endowed with 500 Euro, presented by Kinescope Film

Jury Humor/Satire 2019

Sky du Mont
Sky du Mont

Actor („Der Schuh des Manitu“, „Eyes Wide Shut“) and author

Pola Beck
Pola Beck

Director and screenwriter (German youth series „Druck“)

Milan Peschel
Milan Peschel

Actor („Halt auf freier Strecke“) and director

Jury Innovation 2019

Susanne Braun
Susanne Braun

Theatre scholar und presenter (Indiefilmtalk)

Martin Behnke
Martin Behnke

Screenwriter (German Netflix series „Dark“)

Alexander Lindh
Alexander Lindh

Screenwriter (German youth series „Druck“)