Gefangen (©Tom Bergsteiner)


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30 min
This film is part of the follwing short film programme:
A young student feels lonely – in Passau, Lower Bavaria: the Wild West of Bavaria. After a night full of surprises he takes a wild animal home with him, to impress a young woman. Soon his apartment is turning into a jungle. Where will it end?
Kai Sitter
Kai Sitter
Johannes Weikl, Johanna Kohlmünzer, Markus Baumeister, David Hang
Director’s biography
Film-maker Kai Sitter (born in Munich, 1987) studied art history and did an M.A. in film and theatre sciences at LMU, Munich. In 2016 he attended the Werner Herzog’s ‘Rogue Film School’-seminar. In 2020, he is going to finish an M.A. in media education and communications sciences at Passau University. At the age of 12, Kai began experimenting with his camcorder, the video-recorder being his first editing working-place. Over the years Kai did work experience at TV, theatre and film productions and in an art gallery. For half a year he ran an improvisation workshop and started a small marketing firm for image-films, commercials and event clips. In 2012 he was awarded the Bavarian Youth Video Award for Best Script for his short film „clash“, a film that takes up the clichés of a multicultural society in a sensitive way. Two further short films ("Üç" and "In the Gallery") deal with the same subject of being a stranger, of feeling different. Both were presented at the Cannes Filmfestival Short Film Corner. Kai’s documentary on young Israeli-Arabs in Israel, “Marhaba, Shalom“ and on youth culture in Turkey, “Her sey acik – Everything is open“, realized together with film-maker Michael Hehl, were shown in cinemas – as were some others of his short films. In 2015 his short film “Still Life” received the “REMI Award” in gold at the 48th Worldfestival Houston and was nominated for the “17th Maryland Film Festival”. 2017 his 30-minutes feature film „stranded” brings into focus the current debate on migration in Germany – how refugees have to redefine their existence and adapt to continuously changing living conditions once in exile. This film was screened in many cinemas in Germany. Kai Sitter completed his latest feature film „CAUGHT“ (30 minutes), where a young student feels lonely – in Passau, Lower Bavaria: the Wild West of Bavaria. The young man wants to get accepted by his environment but at the end he is still a stranger, still feeling different.