Foto: Benjamin Eichler

Super 8 Expanded 2022.

A short film project that breaks genre and screen boundaries

A Super 8 reel is 15 meters of film for experimental or short fiction, animation, poetic or documentary genres. 15 meters are about 3 minutes of running time. Short film in its purest form, completely analog – and silent.

With the Bremen Super 8 evening, the Filmbüro Bremen thought up the addition of music in 2004. The films on the screen were supplemented with live, improvised film music.

The Filmfest Bremen is taking the cult format Super 8 one step further. The goal is a cross-disciplinary live event full of surprises: analog film meets spoken word and live music on stage, sometimes dance or performance... there are (almost) no artistic limits to the imagination. 

Nine interdisciplinary teams, consisting of filmmakers, authors and artists, have taken up the challenge and each developed a project especially for this evening. On April 23, 2022, the works premiered at the Theater Bremen.

Photos: Vera Bröske und Matthias Adloff


Die Super 10

Adventure film
Film and text: Lilit Betten and Leonie Lindenberger with Amalia, Anton, Bennet, Enie, Justus, Rosa, Lino, Luca, Pina and Samuel

In dem Wort Kontrolle steckt das Wort Rolle

Nouvelle Vague
Film and text: Patricia Paryz and Ricarda Fallenbacher

Urban Legend

Docu Fiction
Film and text collage: Greta Jebens and Lea Lünenborg

Sehr währenddessen

Slices of Life
Concept, Camera, Text: Thomas Keiser and Svea Krull  


Direction and text: Ruoxin Fu
Camera: Xiang Yan

Den Stift vögeln

Word-Image-Ink Experiment
Film: Beate Köhler
Text: Anna Lott
Ink: Anke Bär 


Visual Poetry
Direction, Camera, Concept: Johanna Rafalski
Music, Sounds, Text: Melissa Wedekind 

Nocturnal Body (on Super 8)

Horror of the Body and Mind
Film: Falk Helmbold
Text: Corinna Gerhards


Experimental Film 
Film and text: Sofiya Slyusarenko
Musik/Sound: Jeffry Diaz Schmidt
Assistance: Florian Pohle
Light: Jannes Martin

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