About us.

Our team 2020/2021

Matthias Greving (Festival management)
Sylvia Ilona Rieke (Programme)
Lea Lünenborg (Organisation, Hospitality)
Marie Binning (Design, Marketing, Social Media, Organisation Klappe!)
​​​​​​Lara Dittmers (Organisation, Hospitality)
Pia Guckert (Organisation, Hospitality)
Karsten Lehmann (Screening)
Tine Klier (Press)
Henrik Paro (Video)
Maciej Tyrakowski (Klappe!)
Fabian Nolte (Social Media, Video)
Jan Kiesewetter (Web)

About the festival

For the 6th time, the FILMFEST BREMEN will take place in April 2021, shining amongst regional and international festivals alike. Yet, the core idea of the FILMFEST, namely to present Bremen as film and production location, to offer a stage to local filmmakers and inspire Bremen’s audiences, has remained the focus at all times. 

Generally, we understand ourselves as laboratory for innovation and a platform for spectators of film art. FILMFEST BREMEN is the only festival in Germany to initiate an international competition for short and feature length films in the category HUMOR/SATIRE and places a special focus on filmic innovation.

Here, formats of technical and narratological innovation are presented and create visibility for a wide range of the media that is ‘film’. 

Every year the prizes are awarded by a different high-classed jury.

In 2019 the FILMFEST was able to welcome Sky du Mont, Pola Beck and Milan Peschel in Bremen and profit from their professional and cineastic knowledge. The FILMFEST awards prizes in the categories BEST BREMEN FILM, MUSIC and in 2021 the category LITERATURE will be introduced.

Furthermore, the festivals annual 48h short film competition KLAPPE! is awarded with a laudatory mention, the jury prize and one audience choice award, which is voted for at the screening.

In 2019 as well, the main prize of the FILMFEST BREMEN was presented to academy award-winning director Caroline Link. The FILMFEST showed 120 films from 40 countries and celebrated 49 premieres with over 5.000 visitors that year.


The idea for a filmfest arose amongst local filmmakers, namely Ilona Rieke of Filmbüro Bremen e.V. and Matthias Greving of the production company Kinescope Film, during their collaborative work. Both agreed that Bremen with it’s already existing infrastructure and audiences was the ideal location for a festival of this kind. Besides the established network amongst filmmakers, what Bremen needed was a filmfest to provide local productions with an appropriate platform to be presented to the public, to start a dialogue and to broaden the network in the film production and media scene.

Out of this thought a 24h screening was the initiation for a first FILMFEST in 2015, where only films with relation to Bremen were shown in the Cinemaxx at Breitenweg.

In the following years the festival program became longer, adding one day at a time, with a steady growth in KLAPPE! short films, and with an ever growing audience number the festival moved to the art house theaters. The forth FILMFEST then opened up to international submissions with the new categories INNOVATION and HUMOR/SATIRE.